Who’s Ready For Empty Chair Day?

image via Michelle Malkin

It’s officially set for tomorrow, but why not let it last all week – throughout the entire DNC Freakshow.

As more and more people hear about it – more and more chairs will end up on front lawns – until half the country has  empty chairs on their front lawns with signs lambasting the invisible President.

Michelle Malkin shares her decorating ideas:

 Nobama stickers, Romney/Ryan yard signs, golf clubs, mom jeans, etc. Email/tweet us your best entries.

My decoration’s going to be “We own this country!” sign, in tribute to Eastwood’s best line from his speech.

Professor Jacobson also suggests a sign that echoes America’s greatest living actor:

We own this country . . . Politicians are employees of ours . . . And when somebody does not do the job, we’ve got to let them go.    –Clint Eastwood


Thursday, Democrats are confident they will be able to fill the 73,778 seats at Bank Of America Stadium (Oops!) Panthers Stadium.

Team Obama promises it will fill every one of the seats in Charlotte’s mammoth football stadium Thursday night when President Obama closes the Democratic National Convention with a speech accepting his party’s nomination.

For weeks, Democrats have been concerned about filling Bank of America Stadium, home to the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. They feared a devastating image of an enthusiasm gap if Obama spoke to empty upper decks at the venue.

But the Obama campaign says it’s got it covered, and that all 73,778 of the stadium’s seats will be spoken for. The campaign also insists this success will showcase a ground operation that will help Obama win North Carolina for a second cycle in a row this November.

Of course, in order to do this, they are giving away tickets and busing those people in for Obama’s big speech, Thursday. (The country breathlessly awaits yet another Obama campaign speech…)

And uh-oh – when Dems are forced to give seats away at the last minute, that can lead to unintended consequences, as evidenced by comments like this:

We are heading to Manuel’s in a bit and another group going over to Bibb HQ to cadge as many tickets as possible. LOL when they ‘discover’ from our signs that we are all Ron Paul supporters the damage will be done! Cannot believe this idiots crashed the Tampa convention and did not expect retaliation for this desperate act????? Although we won’t be together, there are LOTS of Romney/Paul supporters who are doing the same thing. Their convention will be a fiasco! All cuz they gave out the tickets to make it so! lol

I would suggest they grab some free tickets, and then stay home.

At any rate, math challenged leftists are saying that Obama will have twice the number of people watching him in Charlotte, as Romney did in Tampa.

Romney easily filled the 50,000 capacity stadium in Tampa with delegates who paid there own way to get there.. The Obamacrats are hustling like crazy to fill the 73,778 capacity stadium in Charlotte — to make a statement about how popular the Empty Chair is.

That’s why I say  Empty Chairs on the lawns all week – to make our own statement.


Big Government: Photo: Dems To Use Trick Photography to Fill Convention Hall?


One more idea – short notice, I know. But if you live in a tightly knit, Republicanish neighborhood, it would be fun.

A commenter, here, mentioned that his neighborhood is throwing  block parties to coincide with the DNC.

werbaz neutron Says:
August, 31, 2012 at 2:58 pm   edit

…It will take work on my part, but I believe I am up to the part. In my neighborhood, during that democrat meeting, we will have some block parties that will feature good snacks, fun conversation, a Clint Eastwood film festival, a slew of W.C. Fields movies, and lots of entertaining parlour games such as “pin the tail on obama.” One film maker down the street will have a guaranteed to be fun montage of media criticism of Republican “lies” and their outrage over Clint Eastwood’s excellent and professional skewering of The Incredible Shrinking President Obama.

I like it.


Voting American: “EMPTY CHAIR PARANOIA” Obama has to Bus in Supporters to Fill Stadium at Convention!……….. How Pathetic is That?

 College students from across North Carolina will arrive in Charlotte by the busload. Same with members of predominantly black churches in neighboring South Carolina

Their goal: help fill a 74,000-seat outdoor stadium to capacity when President Obama accepts the Democratic nomination Thursday night. 

Anything short of a full house on the final night of the Democratic Party’s national convention will be instant fodder for Republicans eager to use empty seats as symbols of waning voter enthusiasm for Obama. 

Democrats have been fretting for months over whether the president can draw a capacity crowd at Bank of America Stadium. Polls show voter enthusiasm is down, as are Obama’s crowds for his battleground state campaign rallies.

This is how desperate they are to relive the glory days of the 2008 campaign. “Obamamania” has turned to  “we’ll come if you pay and  provide the transportation”:  Free tickets – bused in audience – probably free boxed lunches, too.

They may as well swoop by the homeless shelters, too, since  this is turning out to be like a dry run for their GOTV efforts on election day.


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21 thoughts on “Who’s Ready For Empty Chair Day?

  1. “They feared a devastating image of an enthusiasm gap if Obama spoke to empty upper decks at the venue.”

    Why, you’d have the empty chair speaking to……empty chairs. Fitting.


  2. “The RNC Convention Made Us Think–How About You?”

    (Dedicated to “The Empty Chair”)

    Did you think it enough to be “likeable”?
    Did you believe it sufficed to be “cool”?
    You once promised command of the land and the seas,
    And for four years you’ve played us for fools!

    Bernanke’s molesting your printing press.
    Geithner (tax cheat) never had ONE good plan.
    And we found you’d betrayed us and lied to us.
    When you claimed we’d “unite” at your hands!

    You still haven’t a clue of ONE GOOD THING to do,
    To make jobs, spend much less, calm our days.
    You get out of your chair; start your Media whores,
    And go golfing in a Choom** induced haze.

    You made food stamps a “virtue”, you degraded our fisc*,
    You bowed lower and lower each day.
    To the tyrants and despots whose great goal in life,
    Was to kill the American Way.

    You said, “I’ll do it in three or I’m outta here”;
    Now you say you deserve ‘nother four”.
    Since you spit on our seniors and crippled our land,
    We’d be crazy to let you “help” more!

    * Fisc = the treasury of a nation – see “national debt” rating downgrades.
    ** Choom = both a noun (marijuana) and a verb (“to smoke marijuana”)



  3. “… Bank Of America Stadium (Oops!) Panthers Stadium.”

    As in, Black Panthers?

    We need people there with cameras, just in case lots of yellow buses show up.

    I thought “DNC” was a medical term.

    Empty chair – empty suit.

    Dawn : speaking of dogs, any culture that thinks dogs are “unclean” is highly suspect.

    Now then, when was the last time we saw any news mention of “Bo” (the First Dog)? I’m sure it’s just coincidence, that there’s way more important things to cover.


  4. cheobama and the D n C [h/t Zilla] has made a fatal mistake putting this entire convention together. From opening gavel to the final curtain there is only going to be one thing talked about and discussed. The Big Dog, Bubba, a.k.a. The Squirter in Chief . . . . clinton.
    They must’ve forgot that bubba doesn’t submit his speeches for any kind of edit or approval. He is a free agent, just ask Hillary. As always he will suck out all of the oxygen from both arenas, and will be the one and only thing that is talked about all week.
    [start the music]
    The prelude to ’16 kicks off this week with billyboy!


  5. Geo, sorry you keep ending up in the spam bucket. Anyone else who is experiencing that, please be patient. I go to my dashboard to retrieve lost comments several times a day. More and more are getting lost, these days.


  6. How can you say the jackasses are math challenged, ND? Why, they know seventy-eleven answers to any simple math problem (e.g., 2 + 2 = ?) and the number of answers increases with the difficulty of the problem presented.

    They got all this experience with figuring out solutions to every problem they have perceived in our society, and the resulting necessary new solutions when the original ones not only didn’t work but created more and more severe problems for the society in general and the target victims themselves.

    And the saddest part of this entire commentary is that the victims of all their “help” (like minorities) don’t even realize how big of fools they have been played for for decades now.

    All compliments of the party that brought you fierce defense of slavery, the Civil War and Jim Crow.


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  9. My chair’s out, complete with “teleprompter” made of an ancient floor lamp and plastic top to a Kodachrome slide box for the “screen”. Thanks for the golf club suggestion, Deb. Heading for the basement to retrieve one now.


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