Krauthammer On Michelle Obama’s Speech: “I Didn’t Buy a Line of It”

Charles Krauthammer said what most of us on the right were thinking about Michelle Obama’s overly saccharine speech, Tuesday night.

Video via Gateway Pundit:

Rich Lowery put it very succinctly at NRO’s, The Corner:

The first half of the speech could have been given by a conservative–all about the importance of personal responsibility and hard work–and the rest, about President Obama’s record, was inevitably more tendentious.

The Democrats’ key rhetorical trick is movingly evoking family and community, then saying we’re all in it together and therefore absolutely every government program is necessary and should be expanded.

Exactly right.

Never forget El Rushbo’s maxim; “Democrats wake up every day and ask themselves, “how can we fool them, today?”

Via Sooper Mexican, here’s a word cloud of her speech:

The cultish  emphasis on Obama was in all of the speeches, tonight, unlike the RNC speeches, which referred more to specific  issues and political philosophy, than Mitt Romney, himself.

See El Sooper for a word cloud of Ann Romney’s speech, The contrast is truly stunning.

Here’s his previous word cloud comparison: the 2012 Democrat and Republican Platforms.


A must read fact check of Michelle Obama’s speech by Karen McQuillan at The American Thinker:

What was most interesting was that her speech had obviously been reworked rapidly in the last week.  It was a weird, copycat complement to Republicans.  It’s like an unsure competitor looking to see what the champion is doing, and quickly trying to mimic it.  “Oh, you talked a lot about the American Dream and that resonated with the public — watch me, I can do it, too.”  She even cribbed lines and phrases from the Romneys.  The trouble is that the pretend principles did not match who the Obamas actually are.  It was the perfect ersatz speech from the wife of our Faker in Chief.

It seemed to me that the Dems have been polling the impact of Dinesh D’Souza’s important film, 2016: Obama’s America and feel they have to counter it.  Although all the experts keep telling us we mustn’t say anything negative about Obama because the public won’t believe it and won’t like it, Obama does not share their confidence.

Michelle’s whopper of the night was a direct lie to counter the impact of 2016:

And as I got to know Barack, I realized that even though he’d grown up all the way across the country, he’d been brought up just like me. … But when Barack started telling me about his family – that’s when I knew I had found a kindred spirit, someone whose values and upbringing were so much like mine.  You see, Barack and I were both raised by families who didn’t have much in the way of money or material possessions but who had given us something far more valuable – their unconditional love, their unflinching sacrifice and the chance to go places they had never imagined for themselves.

Michelle’s Lie One: “even though he’d grown up all the way across the country.”

Barack didn’t grow up all the way across the country.  He grew up in Indonesia.  One of most the powerful parts of 2016 is the visual impact of seeing what Indonesia looks like, to realize this is the place where Obama spent his most formative childhood years.  It is not America.

Read it all. There’s no doubt in my mind that the speech was larded up with saccharine BS to combat the unpalatable  biographical information about Obama that is finally becoming more widely known.


17 thoughts on “Krauthammer On Michelle Obama’s Speech: “I Didn’t Buy a Line of It”

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  2. When will Chavez speak at the Dem convention? We had Castro speak on the first night? Also want to hear from Reggie Love, Obama’s Body Man. Wouldn’t Reggie know more about obama than Moochelle?! Of course — Reggie knows intimately about obama!!!


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  6. Kraut is a Neo.nazi. Every word out of his mouth is garbage. I’d like to have 5 mins with him in a private conversation to hear what he’s really about. .


  7. Yes, yes, of course. Anyone who sees through the obamas is a neo nazi or a racist. There’s an epidemic of neo nazis and racists out there, these days.


  8. Pretty soon now Lil’ Darlin, you and the rest of the dopey libs are going to find out how many. They are getting desperate, they are in the final throes. Name calling from the biggest racists and least tolerant people going. . . . . racists, nazi’s,. dog whistle’s. Pretty vivid imaginations from the people who can’t seem to figure out how to fix things, only add to the problem. At least they are all playing off the same sheet of music. . . . . and the “fat lady” is warming up.


  9. Hey Geo, what is your stance on frequent posters like Carlos comparing the DNC to Nazi Rallies…just curious to see if it goes two ways or not. I am not attacking you or anything, just want your thoughts.


  10. Hey Nick, why did you have to ask that anonymously?
    Carlos is absolutely right that the cult of personality that this president actually encourages is Nazi-like. And that’s not where the comparisons end if you want to get into a discussion about Obama’s fascist policies.


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  12. Nick/SpamFan/Anon:
    The radicals that are tied to this president during his ENTIRE lifetime is indisputable. Try to deny or defend any of his RADICAL lifetime associations. He was conceived and raised by social/marxists/commies. His mother? His father? His grandmother? His grandfather? The only normal person that seems to have entered his life is Soreto and he made a quick exit. How about his own admission from his book, that he hung around with the radicals any time he could find them. Do I dare mention Rev wright? The entire ayers family? frank marshal davis? bernadette dorhn? axelRoid? cass sustein and his radical wife? ValPal Jarrett? How long would you like me to go on [because I can].

    They are the left overs and by products of the 60′s radicals. If anyone ever tried to apply for a “Security Clearance” with just ONE of these azzholes in their background the FBI would be knocking on their front door and taking them away. This creep has dozens upon dozens of these comiie bastids tied to him.

    When you march out on a national stage a impeached former president and historic woman abuser, a whore who wants more freebies because she can’t control her urges, deadTed a murderer and serial woman abuser, piglosi a radical in her own right, a radical la raza member and mayor, a television actress who probably has a 12th grade education and she is your immigration expert. Then eliminate both God and Jerusalem from your party platform [thank jarrett and sustein’s wife] then realize you are about to get you brains beat in, and pass a addendum by fiat over the screams of your party faithful [pun intended] because they radically oppose BOTH of the issues. Both God and Israel/Jerusalem.

    You have a problem, bud!
    Anything that Carlos has stated has only touched the surface. Carlos or anybody else hasn’t put the words into the dopey libs mouth, they have professed these values, all by themselves. It’s their core. The dims have always been the party of radicals, the least tolerant, and biggest racists going. It’s genetic.

    The days of the teaters, everybody gets a trophy, open borders, free housing and I’m entitled to anything I want are coming to a end, it’s the policies of the dimoCrap party [mostly] and rino’s that have brought us to the edge of the cliff. It cannot be sustained.

    My suggestion, double down on the kool aid if you’re still buying it. Bottoms up!


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