Good News From Afghanistan

Several hundred Taliban militants have been iced by coalition soldiers in recent weeks.

More than 40 Taliban insurgents were killed on Wednesday when a joint Afghan and coalition force was on combat patrol in the southern Kandahar province, and came under attack from enemy small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades.

Soldiers repelled the attack before calling in coalition aircraft which “destroyed the positively identified enemy firing positions with precision guided munitions,” it said.

Afghan and foreign forces suffered no losses.

Afghan and coalition forces claim to have killed several hundred Taliban insurgents in central and southern Afghanistan in recent weeks. The Taliban have admitted some losses, but say many of the dead are civilians — a charge denied by the coalition.

Actually the Taliban is correct…there have been civilian losses… that they themselves caused:

Militants have also launched scores of attacks, mostly roadside or suicide bombs, that have killed several dozen local and foreign soldiers as well as many civilians.

Who do these scumbags think their kidding?

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