The White House’s Weak Counter-Attack On Anti-ObamaCare Video (UPDATED)

Michelle Malkin calls it the “smell of desperation.”:

The video features former ABC News correspondent Linda Douglass, now the communications director for the White House Office of Health Reform, countering the powerful and effective Naked Emperor News video which exposes Obama’s dishonesty in the health care debate.  To do this, she dusts off the left’s favorite canard, when caught on tape behaving reprehensibly: “Out of context!11!!”, without actually addressing  Obama’s past statements, which speak for themselves.

As I’m sure you remember, Obama’s former Pastor, and spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright was supposedly “taken out of context”, too, as if what happened when he said, G*d damn America, was that he prefaced those words by saying, “don’t listen to crazy anti-American race hustlers who say….”, and the blogosphere only picked up on the second part of his sentence. But no, in actuality, he prefaced his words with an anti-American, poisonous diatribe, which is precisely what you would have expected to have preceded those words.

In case you’re wondering how Obama would explain how he was taken out of context when he said that he “happens to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care plan”, but not really be for a single payer health care plan, you’re in luck. He was asked that question way back in January ’08. Check this out:

Poor Barack, always taken out of context:

“What I said during the debate was that a single payer system was one that I would support if we were starting from scratch…”

Um, no, at the debate, he said that he had never supported a single payer system. It seems like he was having trouble keeping his lies straight, and his trouble hearing the clips made it all the more difficult for him to navigate through the lies.

“What I have said consistently is…if we didn’t have a legacy of employer based health care…then it might make more sense to set up a single payer system…I’ve always said that…I’ve said that during the course of this campaign, but what I’ve also said is that we’ve got to build on the system that we’ve already got…yadayada yada…” (segues into boilerplate).

See? He wasn’t being inconsistent…he was merely being taken out of context. What happened was, he was consistently going around the country saying, “Gee, you know what, if there was no such thing as employer based health care…single payer would be really awesome…but since we have….employer based health care…. I guess we won’t be going for that single payer dealie, no sir! Just thought I’d mention it and all, anyway…”

Makes total sense.

The more recent clips that Linda Douglas uses to reveal “the truth” about ObamaCare are laughable in that the whole point of our argument is that Obama is LYING to the American people in order to sell his health care plan, which he wants to eventually lead to single payer/universal health care.



Via Ace:

Breitbart has fired back by posting  the uncut 2003 video of Obama’s single payer speech. What was taken put of context?


How Stalinesque is this?

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

They’re asking US citizens to inform on each other, now?

Drew at AoSHQ:

Obama: Comrades! You Will Report All Counter-Revolutionary Activities To The Authorities At Once

Remember in the wake of 9/11 when the Bush administration urged people who may have seen something suspicious to report it? Well, the left went nuts.

Yeah, of course back then, the President was concerned about national security. Now it’s the President concerned about his job security.


photoshop credit: Brian C. Ledbedder, Snapped Shot


I’m loving the comments at You Tube responding to the Linda Douglas White House video:

MrDMast (25 minutes ago) Show Hide

Yeah Right…..Pay no attention to the Man Behind the Curtain. In fact isn’t she talking about the techniques that are used by Micheal Moore and MoveOn. Obummer plainly said Socialised Heathcare is his endgame. No cut and paste involved

Senrysa (27 minutes ago) Show Hide

I was stunned at the number of elderly asking rational, comprehensive questions. As for busing in folks,
People had to be moved from first room, to a second bigger room & finally to a 3rd where there was no standing room left.
I mean these people are our parents, grandparents for God’s sake. I DID NOT SEE ONE RABID MAD person my grandson would have let everyone know if it was too loud! BTW there were doctors, nurses and YES young adults. You should be ashamed, all of you in the whitehouse!!
rmjacobs65 (36 minutes ago) Show Hide

Thanks Linda. You made the assertion that the clip on Drudge was spliced clips made from the many talks Obama has given recently. It was not — I saw the whole thing on Breitbart. Your rebuttal, however, was a cherry-picked splice job.
Senrysa (37 minutes ago) Show Hide

I don’t think I can trust this woman, BO or his press secretary Gibbs after what he said about the town hall health care meetings. I am a grandmother who went and took her autistic 3 yrs old grandson to find out what was going on.
I found the meeting on my own, was respectful and trying to learn all I could BUT now I am pretty sure THEY think all of us are just plain too stupid to see what’s going on.
this video: F-
anorthtexasguy (46 minutes ago) Show Hide

I am individual and am happy with my current healthcare “choice”.

The current admin has to do damage control when Obama speaks his unscripted truth (NakedEmperorNews1 and Verum Serum’s 2003 clip show) and not the “polled” and crafted tag lines. Obama’s truth does scare people. Obama supports and wants congress to deliver single payer – “universal healthcare”. This govt and present admin can want to control your choices by controlling how much “Change” is left in your pocket. Save yourselves!

ganggreen2112 (55 minutes ago) Show Hide

Based on the posts here, it sounds like this video is not doing as intended. Obama is in BIG trouble with this one!

billiejo333 (56 minutes ago) Show Hide

Lady, please stop the spin. People are not buying it. You’re embarassing yourself.
I think this whole thing is starting to look like a debacle.

15 thoughts on “The White House’s Weak Counter-Attack On Anti-ObamaCare Video (UPDATED)

  1. The layers and layers of lies this administration has set up, combined with the nuts, like this Linda gal. Sheesh! They should make Baklava. OhBaklava!

    Somebunny oughta tell Linda that we are already sharing these vids where Obami tells us we won’t lose our private coverage to show he is lying. Thanks, Linda Douglass for helping us prove our very point.


  2. How disturbing is this?

    The White House designated shepard for this excrement sandwich talks about distortions and lies, then plays a clip of the Fist-Bumper-In-Chief lying about our ability to keep our healthcare plans if this brazen abbrogation of liberty is forced upon us by Congress, and then helpfully offers this bit of government-sanctioned propaganda to the brain dead and the true believers who have been recruited to sell this piece of garbage. It doesn’t carry the odor of the unreal, it positively reeks of it.


  3. *Note to Linda Douglass, White House Communications Disinformation Director… you fail …and you really suck at it. Should’ve stayed with ABC. At least then you could pretend to tell the truth while spinning the lies.

    oh ya, and Happy British Birthday Barry Jr!

    (maybe the Queen will re-gift that iPod back to you Barry. this time loaded with your old British passport application.)


  4. I’m beginning to think a few of these very irate and loudly yelling people maybe plants to stir up the crowd to make the freedom fighters look unreasonable.

    Am I getting too paranoid?


  5. >>I’m beginning to think a few of these very irate and loudly yelling people maybe plants to stir up the crowd to make the freedom fighters look unreasonable.

    Piffle. Republicans are just acting like good community organizers. I would think Barry would approve of techniques he learned from the master. I have a hard time getting to broken up about complaints from the party that buses in ACORN, SEIU, AFL-CIO and other assorted “concerned citizens” to Republican events and invented the technique of astroturfing.

    Fark ’em. Scream all you want.


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