Shock Report:DHS “Right Wing Extremism” Methodology Exposed

Last April, Americans for Limited Government filed a Freedom of Information request asking for all documents related to the “right-wing extremism” memo. A PDF of the DHS report, here. This memo, which sent shockwaves throughout the conservative blogosphere,  was described at the time as an embarrassingly shoddy piece if propaganda”.

It really was:

“Our worst fears about what went into this memo have been confirmed. The government department that was supposed to be tasked with identifying domestic terrorist threats is apparently using news stories, kooky websites, and conjecture instead of actual hard intelligence reporting and analysis,” said Wilson.

“This is a disgrace, and calls into question what it is that the so-called ‘Extremism and Radicalizaton Branch of the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division’ actually does,” Wilson added.

Full report, here.

Fox News did an exclusive report on this, earlier, today:

“It looked like someone’s afternoon of snooping around on the web”.



Just noticed: Five of the eleven sites mentioned in the summary of web links are The Southern Poverty Law Center, described by Discover the Networks as a Montgomery-based civil rights law firm founded in 1971, that:

  • Monitors the activities of what it calls “hate groups” in the United States
  • Exaggerates the prevalence of white racism directed against American minorities

Hat tip: Jackstraw

2 thoughts on “Shock Report:DHS “Right Wing Extremism” Methodology Exposed

  1. Everyong who has left a comment on this blog, specifically criticizing Dear Leader is probably on some federal watch list. J. Edgar Hoover is smiling today.


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