Left-Wing Violence Caught On Tape At One Nation Rally

A media meme that was attempted earlier this year, but was never able to take hold, was the “tea party violence” narrative. Story after story tried to portray tea party activists as dangerous lunatics on the verge of snapping at any moment. Unfortunately, tea partiers refused to cooperate by being so manifestly  peaceful at their rallies, the very idea was scoffworthy. Lefties, on the other hand, while claiming to be peaceful, are the ones who have had  violent incidents at  rallies over the years.

Like this incident at the One Nation Rally: HUMAN EVENTS Reporter Assaulted at Leftist Rally:

See Jason Mattera at Human Events for the rundown of what happened, there.

Lefties also claim to be more “environmentally aware”, than we are, but ironically enough, they’re the ones who always end up trashing their environments.

Go figure.

See also:

Doug Ross for some frame by frame stop-action photos of the confrontation.

Hat tip: Amanda Carpenter on Twitter.

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