National Park’s Spokesman Lashes Out At Conservative Critics Of One Nation’s Trashing Of The Mall

Photo credit Jenny Erikson

Under Obama, even the Park Service has become  political, at least, that’s the impression I get from this Daily Caller article:

Spokesmen for the National Park Service and “One Nation Moving Forward” said that the pictures and videos of garbage taken by conservative bloggers and websites as well as The Daily Caller, are a misrepresentation of the liberal rally.

“I consider [The Daily Caller’s article] to be highly inaccurate,” said a very forceful NPS spokesman, Bill Line.

“To imply that this past weekend’s event is more dirty, contains more trash or is filthier than any other demonstration is not grounded in reality.”

The Park Service is part of the Dept of Interior, which is headed up by Ken Salazar.

Wishing to counter smears against Tea Partiers as well as paint liberals as irresponsible hypocrites, conservative blogs and websites have been merciless in their documentation, ridicule and condemnation of trash left by attendees of the “One Nation” rally at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday.

…Because the difference between the tidy tea parties and the trashy lefty demonstrations  is striking, and one would have thought…undeniable. A Parks employee who was there to clean up, couldn’t deny it:

“They should have planned more,” said the only person TheDC could find cleaning up on the Mall on Sunday. “There should have been a clean-up crew.”

The man, who didn’t want to be identified by name, went on to say that he also helped clean up after Fox host Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in August and said there was a distinct difference in how much trash was on the Mall after that rally and the state of the Mall after the “One Nation” rally.

“I was at the other one too,” he said. “So I’ve seen both. I know the difference.”

Here’s video taken by sECULARsTUPIDEST, who also spoke with a Park Service employee who was at both 8/28 and 10/2 rallies:

His boss, Line, incredibly, insists on defending the One Nation crowd, (imagine that):

“This trash you have on [TheDC’s] front page could be found at any other large rally that has happened previously at the Mall and could happen in the future,” said Line.

Line said the garbage at the “One Nation” rally was no different than any other rally. Trash, it seems, is apolitical.

“It is common, typical, regular ordinary, commonplace. You get the idea?” said Line. “It’s very commonplace with ANY rally, march demonstration, anywhere on the Mall where you have large numbers of people.”

No doubt the mess is typical and commonplace for a left wing rally. We get that. But it’s not typical for a tea party, and that’s our point.
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“World’s Largest Teleprompter” Used At Right Nation

Big Government’s Kyle Olsen, who spent time at the One Nation rally on Saturday, took note of the giant teleprompter, (something you would never see at a tea party):

“Every speaker used this from the podium, positioned below the lecturn.  There were unconfirmed reports that it had been borrowed from the White House”:

This surprised me. While listening to Ed Schultz’s speech, for instance, I had the distinct impression that he was winging it. I couldn’t imagine that anyone had written down these words for him to say, (let alone programmed them into a teleprompter):

We will not stand by silent. We as one nation, we as one nation must stand together, must fight the forces of evil, the conservatives in this country across the board want it for them. They don’t want it for the people. They talk about the Constitution but they don’t want to live by it. They talk about our forefathers but they want discrimination. They want to change this country.

No sir. I refuse to believe that he doing anything but ad-libbing that  nonsensical b.s.