Happy Halloween From The Turk Campaign

The Turk campaign took part in two Halloween parades, today, the Peculiar Harvest Parade, and the big Independence Halloween Parade. There were several political floats, (including Cleaver’s) but Turk had the largest (and most enthusiastic) contingent. The pictures below were taken right before they started down the parade route.

The two lovely young ladies you see in the middle of the float, below, led the crowd in several chants for Turk. I enjoyed their passion.

The man, himself

The Lee’s Summit Journal reported on the popular support for Turk campaign, earlier this week:

“This is a grassroots campaign,” Turk said. “And the party is not sponsoring this race.”

In fact, according to the Federal Ethics Commission website, Turk’s donations come from primarily individual donors – with his largest single donations coming in at $2,400.

Cleaver’s campaign reports $256,740 of cash on hand as of Oct. 13, to Turk’s $62,000. And just last week he announced he was spending $40,000 on his campaign’s first ever television advertisement.

“Being able to run a credible campaign on very little money is difficult,” Turk said. “A lot of times credibility comes with money. People are used to interacting with million-dollar campaigns.”

But Turk’s cash flow isn’t bringing him down. He says that’s what grassroots campaigns are all about.

“We have so many volunteers that we look like a million-dollar campaign. But it’s all just elbow grease.”

In fact, you could say Turk’s showing in this race is a culmination of his previous two campaigns. He started small, going door-to-door in all areas of the Fifth District – including the urban core and more liberal areas of Kansas City – just to get his name out there.

“My support really comes from everywhere,” Turk said. “I’ve treated all of the Fifth District the same.”

Now his name is out there. And this year, he said, is the year.

“It’s the perfect storm,” Turk said. “Cleaver has taken some votes that I think are unpopular with many people in this district. And I have become well-enough known that people know I will listen to them no matter what. With those two things working together, I think we’re going to win.”


I’m hearing rumors of a multi-million dollar birthday present  for Emanuel Cleaver. A friend emails that she heard him make the announcement on 1590 KPRT, this morning:

“Now I shouldn’t be saying this because the press conference has not happened yet…”
Funding has been secured for The ShotSpotter multi-million dollar tracking device that purports to reduce crime by notifying law enforcement anytime a gunshot is detected by the device within a certain zone.  The ShotSpotter will be located within the “Green Zone,” which overlaps at least partially with zip code 64130.  And it sounds (to me) like the $$ is coming via Obama’s Stimulus Slush Fund, which was designed (imo) to secure Democratic seats in Congress.
Apparently, there will be a big announcement — just in time for the Nov. election!
Last Spring Crime Scene KC had reported:

KCPD is working on a proposal to get ShotSpotter technology for the city’s Green Impact Zone and made a presentation today to the city’s public safety committee.

Officials are seeking federal grants to help pay for the project, which would cost about $2 million. If it gets approved, ShotSpotter could be installed by fall 2011.

It sounds like a useful tool to use against crime — it’s just such an amazing coincidence that the announcement will be coming on the eve of the November election.