I Thought Everyone Knew That The Phrase “Separation Of Church And State” Was Not In The Constitution

I’m guessing most of us  know by now that Christine O’Donnell was purposefully misquoted by a WaPo reporter to make it look like she didn’t know that the establishment clause was in the 1st amendment.

No surprise there, we all know that libs lie, especially during election season.

But, really….. I thought everyone knew that the words “separation of church and state” was not in the Constitution.  This is news to libs????

Even the Senate Majority Leader and Vice President of the United States?

Reid said this to a crowd of about 500 people in Reno, today:

“Two months ago she said, get this, that there’s no such thing in the Constitution as separation of church and state,” Reid said. “Try the First Amendment. “If my opponent wants to run on her constitutional expertise, she should at least know what’s in it.”

Biden chimed in with:

“Having one person with such extreme views is not such a big deal,” Biden told the crowd of about 500 people. “But folks, folks they’re all over the place. This ain’t your father’s Republican Party. “These women, mean it. They mean it. It would be different if it were a campaign tactic. But they mean it.”

This ain’t your father’s Democrat party, Hoss. It’s been dumbed down and painted red, the sooner people realize it the better.

Mark Levin addressed the “question” on his show, yesterday:

Part One

Part Two:

See also:

The always brilliant, Ann Coulter: CHRIS COONS LIED, GRANNY DIED

In all of life’s tribulations, there is nothing so aggravating as being condescended to by an idiot. In last week’s CNN debate in the Senate race between the astonishingly well-spoken Christine O’Donnell and the unfortunate-looking Chris Coons, O’Donnell had to put up with it from Coons for 90 minutes.

O’Donnell wiped the floor with Coons, moderators Wolf Blitzer and Nancy Karibjanian, and the idiotic University of Delaware students asking questions — all of whom were against her.

(With the nation on the verge of another great depression — the brunt of which, to my delight, will fall most heavily on college students — guess what the dunderheads asked? GUESS! That’s right: They asked about abortion “in the case of rape or incest,” “don’t ask, don’t tell,” doing something about “our carbon footprint,” and the kook-minister who was going to burn Korans, because ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE, I TELL YOU!)

O’Donnell’s responses couldn’t have been better if Thomas Sowell were whispering them in her ear.

Finish reading at the link.


The Intolerant Fox Details Her Experience with Election Fraud In Illinois

Multiply this one anecdote by thousands/millions?, and you begin to see how endemic this problem is.

I never “early-vote” because voting on Nov. 2 is like Christmas to me. It’s symbolic, I like the day, I get all jazzed to go do it and I wear my “I voted” sticker on my forehead for the whole day. I’ve always been suspicious of early voting. Why give the crooks 2 whole weeks to pull off their ballot stuffing? One day is time enough! Make them scramble, I say. But this year I noticed an early voting sign at the village and I decided I had the time and, being a busy mom, who knows what my Nov. 2 will look like this year. So I tried to vote. This was the beginning of a crazy chain of events that are still unfolding. Warning: The following may make your head explode.

“I’d like to vote please,” I said to the girl behind the window. After checking my drivers license, an act which shocked me since I didn’t think anyone checked IDs anymore when voting, I was denied due to “not being in the system.” The rather cranky and dour girl at the village reluctantly called the Will County Clerk to find out what happened since I remembered registering in April at the Midlothian DMV. The Will County Clerk said they had no record of it and if I wanted to vote I would have to drive a half hour out of my way to the Clerk’s office in Will County and register AGAIN and vote there before the 26th of Oct. If I had waited until November 2, I am not sure if I would have been denied my vote entirely, but that’s what it sounded like. (Can one vote if one is not registered?)

Needless to say, I was hopping mad. I went home and called Will County myself and relayed my problem. They called the Secretary of State’s office and confirmed that I did, indeed, register to vote in April but upon checking their rolls for that day, neither my name nor my registration was present. The DMV never sent it. Now, what you must understand is that Illinois does not have “open primaries” where anyone can vote in any primary. Here, you must register as a Republican or a Democrat so you can vote in your respective primaries. I’ve never thought this was a good idea. What is to stop some union-slave Democrat who works in the DMV from sneaking registered Republican registrations into the garbage? What’s to stop the (totally Democratic county of Cook) from hiding Republican registrations?

Read the whole maddening thing, she’s just getting started.

I am so with her on the early voting thing.

That’s one of the issues I want Republicans to take up when (if?) they regain power. We have to stop allowing these Democrat Socialists from stealing elections.


High Blood pressure warning; breathe in breathe out…


Doug Ross: Someone Needs To Delouse Illinois politics: Cook County Prisoners get hand delivered ballots, The Military—Not so much.


Hat tip: Lucianne


Jacob Turk (MO-5) Announces New Campaign Ads (UPDATED)

Photo via Turk’s FB page.

Jacob Turk, with less than two weeks left to the campaign season….has finally shot his first campaign ads!  He held a press conference outside of his campaign office in downtown Lee’s Summit to announce his new ad campaign:

Following his announcement, Jacob took questions from the media.

KMBC’s Mike Mahoney started out with a query about the (irrelevant to anyone outside the MSM) bogus NAACP report about tea party racism. He then followed up with a birther question, which Jacob said was irrelevant to his race.

I’ll be updating soon with the new ad.


And without further ado, here’s the ad:



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Roy Blunt Gets His October Surprise:

These charges against US Senate candidate for MO, Roy Blunt, are being made by Democrats  just two weeks before the election, concerning…you’ll never guess this: Allegations that Blunt employed an illegal immigrant for six months in 1990.

The Kansas City Star broke this explosive story:

A woman who identified herself as Dora Narvaez told The Kansas City Star she worked as a housekeeper for the Blunts for six months around 1990, roughly the same time she sought political asylum in the United States.

But the congressman’s campaign said Narvaez “never worked for the Blunts” and that any official aid he may have provided as Missouri’s secretary of state was routine constituent service for a person “who helped out at a couple of church events.”

Did the Star verify her story before they ran it? Have they been able to provide a shred of evidence that she worked for the Blunts.  Nope. It’s just her word against his.

Then there’s this:

Democrats released an exchange of letters between Blunt and the head of the Immigration and Naturalization Service at the time — a well-known Missouri Republican — and said the Senate candidate was clearly working to provide special treatment for an “illegal worker.”

Okay, that’s their October surprise. Blunt tried to help an illegal immigrant who he knew from church, and we’re all supposed to be outrageously outraged.
Sorry, KC Star. Weak tea.
The Blunt campaign, stating the obvious, called the charges “desperate, dirty politics.”
The Star reports that Robin Carnahan declined to comment Tuesday on the immigration matter.