Boehner Promises Vicky Hartzler a Seat on Armed Services Committee if She Wins

This is good news, because one of Ike Skelton’s favorite talking points has been that because he’s on the House Armed Services Committee,  ONLY HE can prevent base closings in MO-4.

Well, not so much….

An interesting item came out of a political forum here on Tuesday night.  It was an announcement  made by Republican Vicky Hartzler, a 4th Congressional District candidate.

“We’ve received news that Republican leader John Boehner has pledged, if we take the majority, that he will save a seat for me on the Armed Services Committee,” Hartzler said to cheers from some of the 400-plus spectators gathered at the senior center.

The National Republican Congressional Committee released a statement on Wednesday in which Boehner pledged to support a seat for Hartzler on the House Armed Services Committee.  That is noteworthy because her opponent, Democratic Congressman Ike Skelton, has made veterans issues a major focus of the campaign.

Skelton is chairman of the Armed Services Committee and Fort Leonard Wood next to St. Robert and Waynesville is in the 4th District, as is Whiteman Air Force Base near Knob Noster.  Skelton has questioned Hartzler’s commitment to those in the Armed Forces.  She says she would be an advocate for the troops and would seek to expand the missions of Whiteman and Fort Wood.

Today is day 3 of the Hartzler campaign’s online fundraiser, and it’s also her birthday.

There’s no better way to say “Happy Birthday” than giving $20.10 to help our campaign to victory in 2010 !

I also have a special announcement that fits with today’s installment of our countdown of the Top Five Reasons to Fire Ike Skelton in November:


Reason #3: Keep our Military Strong

Congressman Skelton believes that his strongest qualification for retaining his House seat is his support for the military.  The truth is that no matter who wins in 2010, the military will be well-represented by Missouri’s 4th district.   House Republican Leader John Boehner pledged his support today to secure me an assignment on the important House Armed Services Committee!

“Vicky Hartzler has my full support for a seat on the House Armed Services Committee,” said House Republican Leader John Boehner. “America’s warriors and their families need a leader like Vicky Hartzler who listens, understands the challenges they face, and is eager to address them. Vicky also knows that the policies coming out of Washington lately – ‘stimulus’ spending sprees, costly mandates, and government takeovers – have failed our armed services. That’s why I look forward to working with Vicky, the Republican leadership, and the Members of the Steering Committee to place her on the committee at the earliest possible opportunity.”

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The Hartzler Campaign is also bracing itself for this…

WARNING: Socialist Democrats via DailyKos Plot Online Character Assassinations of Republican Candidates

We all thought we had seen every dirty trick the left and progressives can ply on conservatives. However, there is a non-ending battle of sewage and filth they can try and put before us in an attempt to advance their progressive agenda. From thuggery instituted by SEIU and its minions, “offers you can’t refuse” by Obama, bribery, kick-backs and arm twisting all via “the Chicago Way.” But this latest attempted assault by ultra/left/progressive Markos Moulitsas and his DailyKos kid-squadron takes the cake.

Kos announced on October 8th they were taking on a new initiative, a HIT, in fact I call it a downright assassination of targeted Republican candidates for US House using SEO techniques with the assistance of their motley crew of assassins.

For those who don’t know what “SEO” is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. A technique supposedly illegal per google, at least for bloggers. Red State’s Neil Stevens on his “Tech at Night” has an excellent explanation for all the “rules” of google.

Chris Bowers of Kos introduces his “master plan” here to target and get “dirt” on targeted GOP candidates.


The goal of Grassroots SEO is to get as many undecided voters as possible to read the most damaging news [emphasis mine] article about the Republican candidate for Congress in their district.

Hartzler’s name is on the Kos Kiddies’ hit list. But they’ve got their work cut out for them finding any dirt on her.


Chamber of Commerce VP Tells Jake Tapper: WH Wants Our Donor Lists So Its Allies Can Intimidate Our Donors

Tuesday afternoon, Jake Tapper interviewed  Bruce Josten, the Executive Vice President for government affairs at the US Chamber of Commerce, about the White House/ Chamber conflict. The Chamber refuses  to release its donors list, which  the Obama administration is demanding, using serial fabulist Lee Fang’s ThinkProgress report as their guide. The charge is that the Chamber has been receiving  foreign money for its political ads.

TAPPER: Last night, in a Wisconsin senate debate, the republican Ron Johnson who is backed by a lot of the Tea Party forces, certainly no friend to the Obama administration said that he thought that the Chamber should disclose. Does it bother you at all that your losing the arguments when you hear republicans like Ron Johnson say things like that?

JOSTEN: No, it does not bother me at all, it does not convince me that I am losing the argument. What it does it convince me that the attempts of this administration to try and push people that we have endorsed, or we are supporting, on their heels to be defensive over a flap that they’ve contrived out of foreign money on a liberal blog financed in terms of start-up by a guy by the name George Soros, got into the mainstream media, and  the mainstream media has by and large rejected it, quite appropriately, so no it doesn’t bother me.

TAPPER: Are you worried at all that this is damaging the reputation of the Chamber?

JOSTEN: Well so far, we don’t have any proof that it has done that, it has certainly upped the profile of the Chamber. So I suspect and I hope that people are paying even more attention to the ads that we have up in this cycle, as the president is drawing more and more attention to us.

And specifically since we’re the only group out there talking about issues, unlike the administration or the democrats running, I hope that the American people are drawn to pay attention to our issues.

A year ago when we ran issue ads across this country, hundreds of them, against the patients protection and affordable care act, citing the CBO report, citing the Center for Medicare Studies–Services report, the companies that got divulged publicly were harassed, were intimidated.


JOSTEN: The outside allies of this administration, the SEIU, the AFL-CIO, HCANN – Health Care Action Now network and, all combined and coordinated protests at those companies, at the CEOs’ homes in some cases, as they did here with us. And they began a proxy campaign, through outside groups, the Center for Political Accountability, and another group, Walden Asset Management. This is a game, ok? And they like to play that game out. So it’s clear that the game here is to harass and intimidate.

When I cited what took place in California, there is a gentleman who has done research for the Institute for Justice in California, on Prop 8 and what happened with the CA marriage protection act, when personal information about those donors to support Prop 8 was posted on the internet.

It led to death threats. It led to physical violence, vandalism and economic reprisals from against those people and their homes. So we know, how the public, if outed in supporting some controversial causes, if you will, we know what happens. We know what happens to our people.

Michael Barone had it right when he coined the term, “gangster government” for the Obama administration.  I don’t know who started the term, “thugocracy”, (Michelle Malkin?) but that comes to mind, as well.

Remember this episode?:

A couple of weeks ago, Barack Obama told Wall Street that he, personally *he*, was all that stood between them and pitchforks. Well, Obama’s SEIU buddies decided to break out the pitchforks.

500 SEIU goons showed up on the front porch of a house belonging to a Bank of America Executive. The man’s 14 year old son was home alone and, fearing for his life, barricaded himself into a bathroom.

This comes a few years after groupies did the same to Karl Rove’s house. Only that time they brought the media in tow.

Here is what is so stark and troubling about this incident: the media was not invited. The SEIU brought along a Huffington Post blogger to shoot some propaganda, but otherwise the media was not invited. Why not? Because this was an act of sheer intimidation. It wasn’t a publicity stunt. Had a journalist, Nina Easton, not lived next door we may never have known this happened.

This kind of stuff is not supposed to happen in America.


RE that other group Obama’s been attacking:

Rove-backed group raised $13M since attacks from Obama

The GOP-aligned American Crossroads said Wednesday it has raised over $13 million since coming under attack from President Obama.

The group and its campaign affiliate, Crossroads GPS, said it had easily surpassed its initial fundraising goal of $50 million to spend on behalf of Republicans, and has increased its target to $65 million, according to spokesman Jonathan Collegio.

The boffo numbers come after a week in which Obama led Democrats in attacks on the group, which is affiliated with GOP strategists Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove. Both are veterans of President George W. Bush’s White House.

Obama accused American Crossroads and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of possibly receiving money from foreign donors and corporations to fund their electoral activities, a charge the groups deny.



Obamacrats Think Their Attacks On The Chamber Of Commerce Are Working!

Video: Obama And DNC Accuse Karl Rove And Ed Gillespie Of “Stealing Our Democracy”

Obama Accuses The Chamber Of Commerce Of Doing What He Did in 2008

Hat tip: Verum Serum

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Great News For Ruth McClung

Michael Barone is amazed that McClung could be leading in the heavily Hispanic AZ -7 race :

Here’s a poll (by a firm unknown to me) showing Republican challenger Ruth McClung leading four–term Democratic incumbent Raul Grijalva 39%-37% in Arizona 7. This district was designed to be Arizona’s second Hispanic majority House district (it was 54% Hispanic in 2000) and to be safe Democratic (it voted 57%-42% for Barack Obama in 2008 and 57%-43% for John Kerry in 2004). So it would be amazing if rocket scientist McClung (yes, apparently she actually is a rocket scientist) won here.

What’s interesting here is that Grijalva has supported the tourist boycott of Arizona in retaliation for the passage of Senate Bill 1070 which he, like Barack Obama, has portrayed as a grievous violation of civil liberties. Apparently some voters in Arizona 7 don’t want their state boycotted.

You can support McClung by voting for her in the 10 buck Friday poll located on my right sidebar. If she wins, she gets the 10 buck moneybombs at the end of the week.

TBF poll in a nutshell:


This is a poll designed to promote rising conservative stars. At the end of the week, the winner will be promoted by a network of over 80 conservative blogs and will receive a flurry of contributions from patriots across the country. (We ask those who voted in the poll to contribute)
We’re working to fill a leadership vacuum that has resulted from the failures of the Washington-based Republican establishment.
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Um.. Morons?….I only see 29 votes for Ruth McClung over there. WTF? Are you kidding me?  I expected better, mmmkay? Come on! We can do better than that!

Hundreds Protest AZ Congressman Raul Grijalva


Wednesday’s Hero: First Lieutenant Gregory F. Ambrosia

Every Wednesday, Right Wing and Right-Minded pays tribute  to a fallen, former, or active duty soldier who has distinguished himself  heroically. These posts are an important contribution to the blogosphere, but I haven’t done one  in awhile. I got away from it because I  became so consumed with politics,  things like Wednesday’s Hero regrettably fell by the wayside. I plan to rectify that in the coming weeks/months.

Here is today’s offering:

First Lieutenant Gregory F. Ambrosia
28 years old from Knoxville, Tennessee
2d Battalion (Airborne), 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment, 173d Airborne Brigade

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918 (amended by an act of July 25, 1963), takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to First Lieutenant (Infantry) Gregory F. Ambrosia, United States Army, for gallantry in actions while serving as Executive Officer, Company A, 2d Battalion (Airborne), 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment, 173d Airborne Brigade Combat Team, in action in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, in Afghanistan, on 25 – 26 September 2007. First Lieutenant Ambrosia’s gallant actions and dedicated devotion to duty, without regard for his own life, were in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army. NARRATIVE TO ACCOMPANY AWARD: On 25 September 2007, Able Company, 2d Battalion (Airborne), 503d Infantry air assaulted into the village of Qowru and conducted a search and attack through the village and surrounding caves in order to disrupt Taliban and Al Qaeda forces in the Watapor Valley. The Company Executive Officer, First Lieutenant Ambrosia air assaulted into OP REDSKINS, one of two company observation posts (OP’s) overlooking Qowru, in order to establish a command radio relay station and overwatch the mounted assault element in the valley with 60-mm. indirect fire. Upon occupation, ICOM intercepts informed the OP that the enemy was mobilizing and massing for an attack on both company OP’s and the mounted maneuver element in the valley. Immediately upon insertion, the 22 Soldiers of 1st Platoon which assaulted OP REDSKINS linked up and moved towards their position overlooking the valley. There were explosions and shots fired across the valley during the night, but no fires were directed at OP REDSKINS. By morning the OP observed the rest of the Company move into position and begin their search and attack through the valley. A fire team plus-sized element of Anti-Coalition Militia was maneuvering to high ground to the east of the company when they made contact with the position at OP REDSKINS. The first individual that came close to the OP was an enemy scout. The individual was engaged immediately and within minutes several of the ACM fighters engaged the observation post with an intense volume of fire. Without any hesitation, First Lieutenant Ambrosia immediately assessed the situation and reported to the Company Commander who was located down in the valley and by this time under fire as well. He gave the enemy situation and without any concern for his own safety remained in place while exposed to heavy enemy fire from ACM forces advancing on his position to within hand grenade range. He continued directing fires and making critical radio transmissions using both FM and TACSAT communication. His timely and accurate calls for 40-mm. and 81-mm. danger close fire were the only effective defense for the OP. While the rest of the element were throwing hand grenades and engaged in close combat with a flanking ACM force, First Lieutenant Ambrosia held his position under heavy direct fire during the 4 hours of the engagement without deviating from his radio transmissions. He requested fire missions, using three different indirect fire assets and close air support simultaneously. First Lieutenant Ambrosia’s strong character gave him the tools he needed to repel the enemy attack. First Lieutenant Ambrosia’s indirect fire was able to hold the enemy front, which allowed the rest of the OP to fight back the enemy’s attempt to turn their flank. First Lieutenant Ambrosia continued providing covering fire simultaneously as he had to make corrections on the 500 pound bombs dropped all within danger close. He gave the Battalion Commander updates of the enemy and friendly situations as they developed. He continued to hold his position even though he was constantly exposed to close heavy enemy fire. First Lieutenant Ambrosia kept keeping Close Combat Air updated on the enemy’s location allowing the AH-64 (Apache) to effectively engage and kill three ACM fighters. Despite constant signal intercepts suggesting advancing and flanking maneuver forces, his ability to continue setting the tactical conditions gave the Non-Commissioned Officers and all junior leaders the ability to maneuver their Paratroopers. First Lieutenant Ambrosia’s actions throughout the entire engagement were of the highest degree of valor. He performed honorably while under direct enemy fire and effectively engaged the enemy under the most difficult circumstances. First Lieutenant Ambrosia was a key leader during the battle, providing true leadership to the entire element. Even when events became dire, he kept his demeanor and without hesitation took the fight to the enemy. His actions are the true embodiment of the Infantry Warrior Ethos.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

Obamacrats Think Their Attacks On The Chamber Of Commerce Are Working!

Even some in the the left-wing media are blushing over the hyper-partisan, fact-challenged attacks coming from the White House.

The Politico reports:

Obama’s surrogates, and to a surprising extent the president himself, have engaged in the kind of pointed, unapologetically partisan and factually fuzzy attacks that Obama decried as “harsh partisanship and the old arguments” when he ran for president.

In the past few days, Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and senior adviser David Axelrod have repeated a powerful — if unsubstantiated — claim that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is illegally funneling foreign cash into the domestic midterms.

At the same time, they’ve been gleefully blasting away at favorite GOP boogeymen Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, who helped set up two groups — American Crossroads and Crossroads Grassroots Political Strategy — that have said they will spend $52 million to defeat Democrats. One of them, Crossroads GPS, is not required to disclose its donors.

It’s a two-fer,” Carville said. “You hit the Chamber for outsourcing jobs, and then you attack Rove, the person most identified with the most unpopular Republican president.”


Regardless of whether the strategy works, it clearly delights Obama’s allies, who are happy to see the White House on the march. Plus the battle has shaped up to be a dream political doubles match, with Rove and former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie squaring off against Axelrod and David Plouffe, Obama’s 2008 campaign manager and a force behind the recent attacks.

The approach has only one major downside: Republicans point out that many Democrat-friendly groups, from the Center for American Progress to the Sierra Club to big unions such as the Service Employees International Union have overseas contacts and shield their big-money donors, too.

The strategy they’re deploying is one a Democratic operative calls “The Spaghetti Strategy, a throw-anything-against-the-wall approach to attacking a carefully targeted group of Republican heavies ahead of Nov. 2.” It’s not meant to appeal to independent voters, but to energize the moonbat base.

Interesting strategy, really.  Disgusting and offensive…but interesting.
….And desperate.
Or as Charles Krauthammmer calls it: “Reptilian desperation”:
Something tells me that alienating 3/4 of the voters in this country to throw some red meat to the “One Nation” crowd is not gonna be a winning strategy. This sort of thuggish, unpresidential behavior is what has people jumping off the Obama bandwagon in droves.  It’s what has people blocking the memory of even voting for him.

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