Twittergate: A New Low For Online Lefties?

I  added this video  to my Thursday Links post late yesterday, but now additional details have emerged that I’d like to share.

Just when you think the lefts’ online shenanigans can’t get any lower, they go and outdo themselves. These are people who  troll right wing blogs, engage in moby attacks, astroturf, create fraudulent smear videos, and now this….content warning (lefties are sick pups):

Rauhauser is on notice:

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Obama Accuses The Chamber Of Commerce Of Doing What He Did in 2008

“J’accuse!” Jake Tapper says, speaking for Obama,J’accuse! J’accuse!” :

President Obama this afternoon joined the gang of Democrats and liberal groups alleging that the US Chamber of Commerce is using foreign funds to influence American elections.

Referring to a study by the liberal group ThinkProgress that – correctly – notes that the US Chamber of Commerce has some funding sources abroad, including foreign corporations and American Chambers of Commerce around the world (or “AmChams”), the President said, “just this week, we learned that one of the largest groups paying for these ads regularly takes in money from foreign corporations.”

The president then took this step, saying, “groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence American elections, and they won’t tell you where the money for their ads come from.”

Oh yes, it’s all very concerning, this foreign involvement in an American election. Too bad,  it’s not actually happening:

Chamber officials say that money coming from foreign donors cannot be used for political activity under the 1907 Tillman Act, and that the charge is false.

Tita Freeman, vice president of communications at the Chamber, said “this coordinated effort is a desperate attempt to silence those who support free enterprise and a diversion from their lack of progress on job creation.”


Chamber of Commerce director of media relations J.P. Fielder says that money from the AmChams and foreign corporations go to the general fund and then the international division so it is kept away from any political activities.
Speaking at a Democratic rally in Bowie, Maryland, the president today suggested, however, that he did not believe the Chamber – and he said this is not just a threat to Democrats but to democracy.

Yes, once again, the President is  going after a an organization by name because it doesn’t support him.  I’m retching, here,  because as with all leftist thugs, the Thug in Chief accuses others of what he himself is guilty of.

Atlas Shrugs broke the story about Obama’s illegal foreign campaign contributions in 2008. In January of 2010, she wrote a piece calling for an audit of Obama’s campaign finances for Big Government:

Back when Obama was running for President, I broke a number of campaign donation stories that should have blown the race wide open. The Obama campaign committed the most egregious violations of election contribution laws, and they were dismissed with a wave of the hand. Millions came in from foreign countries — which is illegal: the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) “prohibits any foreign national from contributing, donating or spending funds in connection with any federal, state, or local election in the United States, either directly or indirectly.”

I broke the jaw-dropping story about how tens of thousands of dollars came in to the Obama campaign from a Hamas-controlled camp in Gaza. Al-Jazeera actually ran video of Obama phone banks in Gaza. One large contributor to the Obama campaign was Monir Edwan, who was listed on FEC documents as contributing to Obama from the city of Rafah in the state “GA.” If you were reading quickly, you might have thought it was just a contribution from Georgia. But there is no city of Rafah in the Peach State. Monir Edwan sent money to Obama from Rafah, Gaza.

Monir Edwan, one of Obama’s Gazan donors, said he sold Obama t-shirts that the campaign had sent him in Gaza for around $9, and that a profit was made. Some young men,” Edwan explained, “even bought the T-shirts for 60 shekel ($17.29), which is a lot to spend in Gaza on a t-shirt, but that is how much Gazans like Obama.” I love it: jihadis in Obama Tees. How fitting.

On, a site that monitors campaign contributions, Monir Edwan is listed as Barack Obama’s Top Contributor, giving $24,313 between October 27, 2007 and November 11, 2007. However, although it gives zip codes and other details for the other four of Obama’s top five individual contributors, it provides no additional information at all for Monir Edwan — and Edwan’s link is the only dead one on the Watchdog page.

Why did Palestinians in a Gaza refugee camp have such love for Obama in the summer of 2008? Did they know he was going to run a virulently anti-Israel, pro-jihad presidency?

Gaza was not alone. The contributions came from over 50 nations. And many seemed intent on skirting campaign finance laws: Obama’s foreign contributors were making multiple small donations, ostensibly in their own names, over a period of a few days, some under maximum donation allowances — but others were aggregating in excess of the maximums when their contributions were all added up. Other donations came in from donors with names such as “Hbkjb,” “jkbkj,” and “Doodad.” Also, thousands of Obama’s foreign donations ended in cents. This was evidence of foreign contributors sending in donations in foreign currencies that exchanged into odd amounts. Americans living overseas would almost uniformly be able to contribute dollars, in set amounts.

The Obama campaign received a substantial amount of money from countries that have an interest in seeing a weak American President: $366,708.22 from China; $25,259.00 from the United Arab Emirates; $7,062.60 from Russia; and $6,716.28 from Saudi Arabia. Obama also took in $6,350.00 from Indonesia; $5,000.00 from Kenya; and $1,750.00 from Egypt.

The FEC (complaint) alleges that Obama also illegally took donations from Tamil Tiger leaders. The Tamil Tigers are, according to the FBI, the most successful terrorist group in the world. While the Hillary Clinton returned contributions from the Tamil Tigers, Obama kept them.

Obama escaped an FEC campaign audit in 2008 because, as the Politico reported:

… he declined an $84 million public grant for his campaign that automatically triggers an audit and because the sheer volume of cash he raised and spent minimizes the significance of his errors. Another factor: The FEC, which would have to vote to launch an audit, is prone to deadlocking on issues that inordinately impact one party or the other – like approving a messy and high-profile probe of a sitting president.

No one was willing to take on the amazingly popular and historic new President. So he got away with it.


What are we dealing with here? Mike McDaniel at PJ Media spells it out: Marxism, Socialism, Communism, and Obama

When socialists accept that any means are justified to achieve their ultimate goals, they have become communists, and purges of those less-educated and unenlightened begin.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s easy to see why so many are alarmed about Mr. Obama. A brief, by no means all-inclusive, list of his alarming behavior:

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