Saturday Movie Matinee: Democrats vs Republicans on Contempt Vote

Today’s theme is Democrats vs Republicans on the vote to hold Holder in Contempt of Congress.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t home for the full House Contempt vote, last Thursday, so I had to miss most of the floor speeches. I did turn on my CSPAN iphone ap when I had a chance to listen in when I could, and remember being aghast when I heard Democrat voices like Hank Johnson’s coming through…

I don’t know what to tell you other than, this guy don’t know sh*t from shinola, but he’s a pretty good representation of the caliber of argument coming from the House Democrats.

Georgia’s own Hank (Guam could Capsize!) Johnson, put on his legal scholar hat to explain to the ignorant masses that we just have to trust that there is a good reason for Holder (?!) to invoke executive privilege.

He also explained how the Republicans leaders at the beginning of Obama’s presidency were;

“scheming to disrupt, and uh….say no… and obstruct everything the President put forth….  They have done everything they can to make the President look bad. This is a manufactured crisis, it has no legal substance whatsoever, this is just simply a cheap stunt to bring disfavor on the President of the United States. And I ask my colleagues to not let us sink to this level……this is truly saddening.”

I’m sorry, the average Joe could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap out a smarter statement than that.

And now, here’s an emotional, but as always, highly articulate, and well reasoned Trey Gowdy explaining the reason for the contempt vote: “The same rules apply to everyone”…

“For those of you who want a negotiation, a compromise, an extraordinary accommodation, (to use the Attorney General’s words), for those of you who want to plea bargain, my question to you is simply this; will you settle for 75 of the truth? Is 50 of the truth enough for you? A third? Or do you want it all? Because if you want it all you want all the documents….”

Dem Rep Cohen (TN) says GOP focus on Fast and Furious, (which started under the Bush administration) is “misplaced”, and like Johnson, advances the theory that the Republicans are just out to get Obama.

Compare to Rep Jason Chaffetz’s (UT) reasoned and fact filled defense of the contempt of Congress vote on House floor:

Former prosecutor Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) defends Attorney General Eric Holder, saying that we should be focused on stopping the gun violence that spills across the border, but instead are inexplicably focusing on documents.

Everything in this speech is designed to obfuscate and deceive:

In his one minute speech, Speaker of the House, John Boehner explains “how we got here, and the acts of the case”. He argues that by invoking executive privilege, the Obama administration has   “left us no other options”.

Are Democrats across America proud of how their Reps conducted themselves regarding a scandal that is already much worse than Watergate because it has a body count, and with 1000 weapons still out there, unaccounted for, a body count that is certain to grow? Are you proud of their “circle the wagons” loyalty to party over principle?


Doug Ross: Sharyl Attkisson double-taps Eric Holder on CBS News: perjury, cover-up and retribution confirmed:

Thanks to heroes like Dodson and Forcelli, as well as true journalists like Sipsey Street Irregulars, Gun Rights Examiner and Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News, it will become increasingly difficult for vintage media to ignore the utter lawlessness of Eric Holder and his out-of-control DOJ.

Oh, and as for the results of Holder’s “internal investigation” by the DOJ “inspector general”, which has been supposedly been underway since February 2011 — 18 months, or 50 percent longer than the Warren Commission investigation into JFK’s assassination — not a single word has been forthcoming.

Rep. Issa: it’s time to subpoena Holder’s “inspector general” Cynthia A. Schnedar. It’s time to find out what she knows and when she knew it. Or she can take the Fifth, which would tell us everything we need to know.

Gretawire: Rep. Jason Chaffetz ‘On the Record’

Watch to the very end where she asks him, “Do you have more? Do you have any sources or whistleblowers that have sort of piqued your interest….”

Chaffetz: “Yes. Yes. Absolutely.”

There is more coming.

Karol Markowicz: Opinion: Fast and Furious – and Eric Holder’s Mistake – is Deadly Serious

I’m not going to give you the whole the-media-would-lap-up-this-scandal-if-the-president-was-Republican song and dance though it’s obvious to anyone paying any attention that they would. I just want to focus on the latest spin from the media on the whole story. It had two parts. Part 1 is “who cares?” and part 2 is “let’s make fun of those who do care.”

Take Roger Simon from Politico. He’s their Chief Political Columnist, which sounds pretty serious. So it’s strange that a serious Chief Political Columnist would tweet this yesterday:

Think House GOP now sorta regrets scheduling its Holder contempt vote for today? ‪#WhoStillCares

Who still cares that the U.S. government sold guns to Mexican gangs? I care. Brian Terry’s family cares. I’m sure the families of the hundreds of Mexicans who were killed with these guns care. I guess a “Chief Political Columnist” doesn’t have to worry about stray bullets from these guns but those who do CARE.

The Chief Political Columnist then tweeted:

If guns don’t kill people, but people kill people, why are conservatives upset over Fast & Furious

I guess in the Beltway this might be a…joke? In the rest of the country it’s an eyeroll.

Big Government: Fast and Furious: Dead Fish Stink from the Head Down:

Back in 2009, I was in Del Rio, Texas, attending a Texas Border Sheriff’s Coaliton conference. During one particular Q and A session, the Obama liaison from the Department of Homeland Security kept focusing on stopping the southern flow of guns and money into Mexico.

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11 thoughts on “Saturday Movie Matinee: Democrats vs Republicans on Contempt Vote

  1. Via Wikipedia, Johnson went to law school and practiced law in Georgia for 25 years! The man is truly a moron and any former legal client of his who got an adverse judgment in court would seem to me to have a slam dunk argument on appeal.


  2. Hank Johnson, like Maxine Waters… lets slip the Democrats plans! Maxine Waters asked the oil Companies how they were going to feel when the government takes over their companies.

    Now arrogant republicans need to pay attention and think “evil” when Hank Johnson says the administration has something planned. Right before November, it should all become crystal clear. By the time Republicans figure out what just hit them…. It will be too late, Obama will have won!

    The problem is Republicans keep assuming everyone plays fair, and keep getting left in the dust due to their neivete~ Obama will pull every dirty trick, every evil stunt he can to get re-elected. Just like the manufactured and timed housing/bank crisis in 2008. Stupid, arrogant Republicans…

    Learn to anticipate what evil would do.
    Have a rapid response team ready.
    Gonna need it.


  3. “I’m sorry, the average Joe could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap out a smarter statement than that.”

    Great line and a great round up of this CF.

    Still thinking of you and yours, Deb.


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  5. If “contemptable” were the standard for voting contempt of Congress, there’s a whole bunch of congresscritters that would be up for the vote, starting with the rep from the 4th district of Georgia, Mr. Johnson.

    But he and his party (Communist? Socialist? Progressive? Idiot? Who knows?) are by no means the only ones in the running for such a vote.

    And it’s too bad members of the Supreme Court can’t be voted on as contemptible, too.


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