Democrat Media Complex is Just Showing its Mob-like Tendencies

Ann Coulter called it a couple of weeks ago. She told Megyn Kelly in a rare appearance on America Live, that The Democratic Party gets especially mob-like during an election”.

You will notice how they are always using images and not talking about facts like how Medicare will be bankrupt for anyone 45 years old or younger. It’s always ‘the Republicans want to put y’all in chains’ or ‘Bush drove the car into the ditch’ … Could we have actual facts?”

Host Megyn Kelly played a soundbite of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews saying that Republicans are “divisive” because of “nastiness” within the party, like “racists” criticizing food stamps and welfare, or “birthers” questioning the president’s birthplace.

“Any criticism of a Democratic policy is considered a personal attack,” Coulter shot back. “Welfare and food stamps are policies Obama has. He altered the 1996 welfare reform which was the requirement of work. … They have jettisoned the work requirement. That’s what Democrats call a below-the-belt ad while Biden is saying Republicans want to put black people back in chains? That’s supposed to be comparable?”

“Republicans are terrified people won’t understand what they are saying,” she added. “Democrats are terrified people will understand what they are saying. That’s why they talk in images and myths and slogans. And that works on a crowd.”

What we are watching in real time at the Republican convention is the Democratic media complex doing  its best to peddle myths and slogans to the ignorant mob.

Robert Stacy McCain summed it up quite nicely in his article for the American Spectator: The Exact Opposite of Truth

If you’ve been following major media coverage of the Republican National Convention, you know that the party’s presidential candidate is Todd Akin, who will campaign this fall on a platform of undiluted hatred and evil, with the able assistance of his running mate, Martin Bormann Jr. The Akin-Bormann ticket was personally selected by RNC Chairman Rush Limbaugh and endorsed by Karl Rove after consultation with a secretive cabal of right-wing Mormon billionaires. The Republican delegates who are assembling this week in Tampa are mere dupes hired by the Koch brothers to provide the superficial appearance of a “political convention” debating a platform and nominating candidates.

He left out the left’s absolute favoritest theme this election season: Republican raaaaacism.

Doug Ross picks up where he left off with  “A Conclave of Lily-White Racists”.

I refer, of course, to vintage media — the biggest collection of lily-white racists I’ve ever encountered. Consider the following incidents (all “coincidental”, mind you):

NBC and MSNBC inexcusably censored every… single… African-American and Latino who spoke at yesterday’s Republican convention — including two of the best speeches of the night, those of Mia Love and Artur Davis — in a move reminiscent of a modern-day Invisible Man

Chris Matthews openly expressed his inexcusable belief that only blacks are on foodstamps

ABC News broadcast Yahoo’s Washington bureau chief asserting that the Romneys “are happy to have a party [i.e., the convention] when black people drown”, presumably as a severe storm threatens the Gulf Coast

• And blatant coordination between the Democrat National Committee and old media — including The Los Angeles Times, Politico, and other outlets — appears intended to de-legitimize and dehumanize any minority who dares stand up to the Statist agenda

So what exactly is going on here?

Chairman Ann in her excellent tome, Demonic (essential reading), again has the answer:

Unable to win elections by appealing to the racist mob, the anti-civil rights wing of the Democratic Party disappeared virtually overnight. In the blink of an eye, the Democrats went from being the Party of Bull Connor to being the Party of Al Sharpton. The Democrats simply traded one mob constituency for a new one.

At the RNC in 2012 they are alternating between appealing to the the racialist mob and the feminist mob. That’s all. The same ol’ same ol’ but  on steroids this time around because they know their guy is LOSING.

Linked by Michelle Malkin, and Doug Ross, thanks!

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