Shameless, ObamaZombie Media Reaching New Heights in Hackery

So I heard about Mitt Romney’s massive rally in Colorado, last night on Twitter, and was looking on Youtube for some decent video so I could put up a little post on it. This isn’t the post I was expecting to do…

What I found was an al-Reuters video from the rally with this accompanying “news blurb”: Romney tries to put “47%” gaffe to bed with focus on jobs – The Trail:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tried to deflect attention away from his much talked-about “47%” video by assailing president Obama’s handling of the economy. Meanwhile, President Obama sought to keep Romney’s hidden video statement in the foreground. – Reuters


No, asshats. Meanwhile the irredeemably corrupt, sycophantic, and utterly shameless ObamaMedia aka Obama’s Palace Guard aka YOU sought to deflect attention away from the fact that your precious Liege Lord Obama was mentored by a card carrying Communist, palled around with Bill Ayers and other commies and radical Islamists in Chicago, attended a Marxist, race-baiting, anti-American church for 20 years, had his higher education funded by the Saudis in order to ‘help create a “new black advocacy for a homeland for the Palestinians”,   and ATE A DOG.

Nevermind the fact that virtually every single one of his policies as president – both foreign and domestic has been horribly detrimental to this country and to the entire world, and either he or one his mouthpieces have lied to the American people practically every day he’s been in office about one thing or another – none of that matters because he/YOU can blame all that on Bush or the Republicans, or ATMs, or tsunamis, or Ann Romney’s fancy horse.

No –  by all means, don’t mention Obama’s profoundly disturbing Marxist background, and the terrifying implications it has for this country. He must be protected at all costs. Must protect the PRECIOUS.

We’ve gotten to the point where even reliable Democrat shills  are cringing at the MSM’s obvious sycophantic hackery:Kirsten Powers: The media seems to be taking their orders from the Obama administration.

Gee, ya think?

Ignoring bad news and scandals, clownishly exaggerating Mitt’s “gaffes” (that most people agree with), playing games with the polling, inflating his crowd sizes, while deflating Romney/Ryan’s – that’s all in a days work for the absurdly partisan ObamaZombieMedia of 2012. I say zombie because even though we pronounced them dead in 2008, and their circulations are getting smaller by the day,  they continue to stagger on – feeding on the brains of unsuspecting Americans every day.

Over 7000+ People Rallied for Romney In Denver, Colorado, last night.

The crowd size is the story, you ignorant tools. Not “Romney tries to put “47%” gaffe to bed.”

Linked by Maggie’s Farm, thanks!

3 thoughts on “Shameless, ObamaZombie Media Reaching New Heights in Hackery

  1. But…but…he’s a nice guy. Just ask Mitt and his crack team of focus-groupthink Ivy League wiz-kids.

    Has Mitt given any thought to how he will govern under the media’s post-election narrative of how a “nice guy” was buried under an avalanche of evil corporate racist money? Has he given any thought to the redoubled ferocity of the media and its determination to turn him into George Bush III? If Mitt can’t eschew the “nice guy” swill can he at last make the case that we’re being run into the ground with Leftism and Leftist policies not only so that we can have a referendum for radical reversal but so that we can crush and rout Leftism from our society?


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