Video: Absolutely Uncertain

Via The Blaze:

A roughly 20-minute YouTube video analyzing President Obama’s relationship with Israel, narrated by a 23-year-old former Obama supporter, has gone viral.  In just three days, the little-reported on video “Absolutely Uncertain” has logged roughly 650,000 hits.

Irina, the 23-year-old “Jewish New Yorker” who narrates much of the documentary, explains that she has always seen American-Israeli relations as a cornerstone of American politics, reaching into both parties.

“So when it was time for me to vote for the first time in 2008, I didn’t doubt for a moment that the strong relationship would continue, no matter who won,” she states.

The short film features clips from longtime Democratic supporters including, Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT), Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), and Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY).

Also worth watching at The Blaze: Krauthammer to Fellow Panelists: I Can’t Believe You Guys Are Covering For Obama on This Libya Disaster

Hat tip: Brian B.

9 thoughts on “Video: Absolutely Uncertain

  1. Congratulations to little Missy, for waking up. Her and the other pathetic lib Jews.

    What I didn’t hear anywhere in that video was Missy declaring what obama has done to “her own Country”, us, the United States. So her total problem with obama is for what he’s done or hasn’t done to or for Israel? What about the damage he’s inflicted on this Country on a daily basis? What about that?

    A New York Jew who at 23, should be old enough to remember to that City eleven years before in September 2001. And her total heartburn with obama is because of Israel? Seems to me that AIPAC at their last gathering gave cheobama a pretty warm welcome.

    Sorry, but add my voice to the “unimpressed” with Missy, along with the other lib Jews who believe the “only” problem with cheobama is his policies towards Israel. Yet somehow, I think it’s very indicative of what that block really believes.

    Pathetic and disgraceful!


  2. In response to Geo above, maybe she is like me. I have so many issues with Obama — his unsuccessful attempt very early in his Administration to force our military wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan to individually pay for treating their own battle injuries; his using the unspent TARP funds (i.e., approximately 50% of the entire TARP), signing the FY 2009 budget for the six months that Bush had refused to sign, signing off the $850+ billion stimulus in FY 2009 that went predominantly to unions and other Democrat supporters AND THEN CLAIMING BUSH WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR 90% OF THE $6 TRILLION BUDGET DEBT HE HAS RUN UP; his “unconstitutional” appointments when the Senate had not declared recesses; his decision that he could unilaterally determine which laws he would enforce and ignore; his NLRB, FTC, and EPA decisions that are killing our businesses and making utility prices skyrocket; Fast and Furious; Dream Act; etc.

    I have decided I cannot fight all of these. Instead, I concentrate on fighting Obamacare because it is pure Socialism and it will bankrupt this country; we are already running out of money for Medicare and Social Security. I hated all of the devious things that were done by the Democrats to pass Obamacare — the Cornhuskers’ Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, the special exemptions and waivers for Unions and Florida. And, more recently, the UNCONSTITUTIONAL HHS mandate forcing the Catholic Church and other entities to cover contraceptives and abortions as well as the IRS decisions about State Exchanges. This Administration is attacking American liberties in all areas. We cannot individually fight effectively in all areas. We each must pick what we want to fight the most hardest about. I think Missy has decided that her battle with the Administration is for preservation of Israel. I admire her.


  3. I don’t know what happened. I posted a long list of things I opposed that Obama and his Administration have done but it must have gotten lost in the “cloud”. Basically, I had listed a number of things the Obama Administration have done that bug the hell out of me. The Administration with all of its czars are attacking American liberties in all areas. We cannot as individuals fight back effectively in all of these areas. I have chosen to fight Obamacare. Missy has chosen to fight for the preservation of Israel. I admire her.


  4. I’m glad the young woman finally woke up, being she played a small role in placing the most grossly incompetent Obama into the position of Presidency. Maybe she could take the next step to recovery and recognize it’s not just Israel that Obama is wrong, disingenuous and dangerous about.

    It’s darn near everything.


  5. O-Joy!,. I share your exact concerns but, unlike Missy I didn’t pull the lever or punch out a chad that put this azzhole into office to begin with. Did you? She now claims that she has had a great awakening of where she’s gone wrong. Good for her, I share her concern but unlike her, I have a least a few dozen other “domestic issues” that top my list, as a American. In fact many of the same issues that you’ve listed above. If we had a Republican party with some fortitude and backbone this clown would’ve been brought up on Impeachment charges already and put out of office before his re-election. But we don’t.

    In addition, I’d be willing to bet, that Missy wholeheartedly “supports” practically everything else that obama has done and what both you and I oppose. Now there is no way to prove that, but I know these people like the back of my hand. They are single issue monolithic. myopic, morons.

    I also support Israel in what they are facing, but unlike Missy that issue falls somewhere down my list of “priorities” right now because of “OUR” own issues here in the U.S.. I would’ve unleashed them a long time ago to settle this matter. She claims to be a Jew, who married a Israeli citizen. If she believes in her commitment, I’d suggest both her and her husband go over to Israel and throw up their right hands [if that is what they do over there].

    Alan Dershowitz is and always has been a genetic dyed in the wool pathetic lib, except of course when it comes to Israel. Ed Koch who claims to be a “liberal with sanity”, frequently drifts in and out of a normal strata sphere. In fact he has on a couple of occasions broke ties with obama, for. . . . . . [wait for it] over Israel policy. A dopey lib with sanity is a incongruity, a impossibility. Lieberman use to have at least some morality, till he sold his soul and decided to run with albore. He wouldn’t be in office right now except for Connecticut Republicans but he always manages to vote the dimocrap party line. Engel is a certified “idiot” who sole purpose in his political life is getting a aisle seat for the State of the Union address. Mendendez is a political whore from Jersey, in a nice suit .

    The last time obama appeared before AIPAC he received a warm welcome and some standing O’s. After what he hasn’t done for Israel and what he’s done against Israel? incomprehensible, in my book. How is that even possible? These people are pathetic dopey libs, it’s a religion all unto itself with them. They will never change. obama managed to get 77% of their vote last time, would you like to bet that he still manages to get over 50% of them in this election?

    We have been on a path of losing our Country for the last 4 years, first and foremost I want my Country back, this clown out of office, a Constitutional Government reinstalled . . . . . oh yeah, then Israel take Iran and anyone else over there who threatens it, or they can go on their own [with our support]. We’ll just be a little busy trying to straightening out our own mess for a while, completely undoing what this guy has done. Call us if you need anything, Bibi.

    Call me crazy but, I don’t consider myself a hyphenated American. . . . . . I am a American.


  6. JoyO,
    I suspects Irina either overstates her liberalism or doesn’t realize that the audience is likely to think of her as a far more liberal person than she might actually be. My guess is, she was born in the Former Soviet Union and came here at a very young age. She probably went to public schools and a liberal university where she was socialized with New York liberals, but it’s likely that she had a fairly conservative home environment, at least when it comes to economic issues and general political theory. It’s possible that she made a full circle and is now firmly on the conservative side, but Irina’s film was not about that. It’s about Israel.


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