Video: Coulter VS Carville on ObamaCare And Town Halls

Carville sums up the popular uprising against ObamaCare as a bunch of  angry people who are politically frustrated because they lost two elections, nothing more, nothing less:

*(Click on the video to see it, since embedding has been disabled).

We’re just sore losers….So that’s the Dem strategy to combat the valid concerns of ObamaCare opponents?


And every economist in the world says the stimulus is working beautifully.


This comes in this morning from USA Today

Stagnant unemployment, shrinking tax revenue and a struggling economy threaten to quadruple the size of last year’s federal budget deficit, raising more questions about the timing of costly proposals to overhaul health care.

As the White House and Congressional Budget Office (CBO) prepare to release new deficit estimates this month, several economists say the news is likely to be as bad as or worse than forecasts.

“This is going to be a very depressing outlook,” predicts former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, top adviser to Republican John McCain in last year’s presidential election. “They have just a nightmare in terms of these health care bills, which do nothing but make things worse.”

It’s like these people are living in a  unicorn populated, enchanted land of make believe. And all they have to do is slay the dragons, (who refuse to shut up and get out of the way), and we’ll all live happily ever after.


Todays poll from Rassmussen shows support for ObamaCare has fallen to a new low, just 42%, while 53% oppose. That’s a whole lotta sore losers.

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