CNN’s Erin Burnett Skewers Regime For Scandal Deflections (Video)

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CNN’s Erin Burnett seems to be enjoying her newfound freedom to criticize the Obama administration, and on Monday night called out Jay Carney for his well-documented record of evasions and distractions — just two months after Yahoo News compiled its own list. What’s the name of her show again? “Out Front”?

Ace would love the Carney “I’d refer you to” mash-up.

CNN will be airing  “The truth about : An ErinBurnett Special Investigation” on @CNN Tuesday, August 6th at 10pE

Watch with an open mind but remember that this is an Obama friendly news organization.


Fox News’ “The Five” piled on….

Via Townhall: Obama/Biden Montage: We “Decimated” Al Qaeda:


Here’s what Carney said at Monday’s press briefing – note how he quickly fires back, “that’s just not true” when a reporter calls the Regime out for not clearly stating that it was “al Qaeda core” but not necessarily al qaeda affiliates that were “on the run” and “decimated.”

John Hayward noted how Al-Qaeda is a many-splendored thing  at the Conversation

I see that presidential spokesman Jay Carney did his bit to clear things up, by explaining that there are all sorts of different al-Qaedas, revolving around a “core” al-Qaeda, and it’s very silly to get them all mixed up.  Rest assured that some al-Qaedas are probably on the run, and some of them are probably feeling gosh-darn “decimated” right about now, so what Obama said during the campaign was basically true, from a certain point of view.

But then you’ve got some other al-Qaedas who can drive the entire frigging US diplomatic corps into hiding for a week by exchanging feisty emails.

It’s complicated! Thank God we have Jay Carney to explain it to us.


Amid Death Threats and Censorship YouTube’s ‘La Blonde’ Speaks Out Against Islamization of France


This brave young French woman, known as ‘La blonde of YouTube’ is  being censored and suppressed by the Muslim Lobby because she boldly speaks the truth about the Islamization of her beloved homeland.

She’s kinda like a french, Catholic,  female version of Pat Condell – well reasoned, passionate, articulate and unafraid.

As she noted in this video,  there have been mass complaints about her videos for “racism etc” (the left operates the same way everywhere, do they not?) and she fears that her Facebook page will be deleted soon.

But then she stares straight into the camera and says, “you will not stop me…I will open other pages and other sites, I will go to Ru-Tube where one is not censored, I will go on all the sites – Daily Motion – anywhere – but you will not silence me… okay?”

Here she expresses her incomprehension at being branded a racist for speaking in defense of her country and culture.

She’s a rock star, n’est pas?


In one of the videos La Blonde makes fun of France’s Socialist President (and Obama pal) François Hollande who is an ignorant buffoon she doesn’t even consider her president…,

Apparently France already has massive buyer’s remorse…

Via Weasel Zippers:

The Telegraph:

The right-wing former president came 20th in Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche’s bi-annual Top 50 poll, some 24 places ahead of François Hollande, the Socialist who roundly beat him last year but now faces record low popularity ratings.

The two men were the only politicians present in the list, dominated by music, film, TV and sports celebrities.

The poll came a day after Mr Sarkozy reportedly received a rock star’s welcome when he turned up to a pop concert in St-Tropez with his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, during which half the audience gave him a standing ovation.

The Regime Has a Stranglehold on the Republic and it’s not Letting Go

Jay Carney took not a single question at his press briefing, Monday, pertaining to CNN’s blockbuster story about CIA intimidation of Benghazi witnesses. Not a single question. Not even the CNN reporter questioned him about it.

Apparently, reporters are fearful that pushing the story will cost them White House access: Perhaps the White House has issued its own Stream of Threatening Chatter.

Some CNN reporters are reportedly fearful now that their access to the White House will be hampered following their probing into a story that members of the Obama administration would prefer remain uninvestigated.“Access is a very serious consideration when it comes to stories that could adversely impact a show, correspondent, or network’s relationship with the administration, a campaign, or any political leader,” one source with insider information told Mediaite.

Nobody considers suppressing stories by denying access a scandal in and of itself?

The stench of this corrupt Regime, its willing allies in the media, and the AWOL Republicans has  becoming suffocating.

I mean look at this – a few days ago, the indispensable  Keith Koffler tallied the number of real Obama scandals plaguing the country to 24 and counting.

President Obama claims that Republicans are busy probing “phony scandals.” But the sheer number of scandals suggests that misbehavior, abuse of power, and possibly corruption are not something being dreamed up by the GOP, but a defining characteristic of the Obama administration.

The number has grown since then. Now we have Obama Wastes Hundreds of Millions on “Worker Training” and Obama’s Utterly Corrupt, unilateral Rewriting of ObamaCare to benefit Congressmen and their staffers.

This guy just keeps ignoring the law and the Constitution, and apparently nobody seems to care.

It’s getting to the point where a massive act of civil disobedience seems to be our only remedy. We can’t use the courts because we will be denied standing. We can’t petition Congress because they are the ones benefiting from this. What choice do we have, other than to say: if you won’t obey the law, why should we?

Of course, the reason is: if we don’t obey the law, they will point guns at us and make us go to jail. If they don’t obey the law, they’ll just rewrite it so the law says what they want it to say.

Oh, and fresh off the presses: Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans:

A secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans.

Although these cases rarely involve national security issues, documents reviewed by Reuters show that law enforcement agents have been directed to conceal how such investigations truly begin – not only from defense lawyers but also sometimes from prosecutors and judges.

When does it end?

Obama could publicly declare himself Dictator for life and the Republicans would do nothing more than give some impassioned speeches and then maybe hold him in Contempt of Congress, and that would be it, because any response stronger than that could get them branded as racists and we can’t have that. . And then in two years they’ll try to retake the Senate by running as the anti-Dictatorship party, but they’ll lose because we’ll be living under a friggin’ dictatorship and the elections will be rigged.

People are alarmed and getting desperate. The scandals are horrifying and Washington doesn’t seem to be listening.

Tomorrow, during rush hour traffic, conservative activists from all across the nation will be manning overpasses with Impeach Obama banners. See the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment facebook page for details.

It’s a cry for help.

Tea Party Nation goes there, Is Obama ‘Wagging the Dog?’

Is Barack Obama using the diversionary tactic known as Wag the Dog in order to justify his massively unconstitutional spying on ALL American citizens?  Are the closing of 21 foreign embassies in 17 countries because of real threats, or are they contrived by a corrupt regime in order to communicate the message, “See, we’ve uncovered all these terrorist attacks with NSA spying programs that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. You don’t want to blow up do you? Don’t you want to be safe? If we stop spying on you, then terrorist attacks like the ones that were going to happen at foreign embassies would be left unchecked.” 

Am I accusing Obama of wagging the dog in regards to closing the Mid-east embassies? Am I saying that the threats aren’t real? Am I saying that the President of the United States would purposely lie about a terrorist attack (or in this case, a proposed one) for strictly political purposes?  I’m simply posing a question.

Oh that’s just wingnut crazy talk….

Yeah, you know what was crazy? Funneling guns to drug cartels in Mexico and blaming it on one ATF office in Phoenix.

You know what else was crazy? Blaming the Benghazi attack on a YouTube video.

You know what else was crazy? Blaming the IRS targeting on one IRS office in Cincinnati.

You know what else is crazy? Believing anything this Regime puts out at face value.

We’ve reached critical mass. The Regime has 0 credibility with Americans who pay attention. People don’t trust their government and don’t know what to believe.

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