Congenital Liars At MSNBC Edit Videotape To Push Bogus Racially-tinged Story

This story demonstrates perfectly why I’m skeptical of literally everything that comes out of a leftard liberal’s mouth. These people don’t abide by the same rules most of us do; a code of ethics based on a Judeo-Christian belief system, which you don’t necessarily have to be religious to follow. We believe basically the same things we learned in kindergarten. Play fair.  Honesty is the best policy. Eat your peas.

Their rules come from the Alinsky code of ethics:  how can we fool them today?, ends justify the means,  say and do anything to win, rules. They are dishonest to the core, and one of their favorite tactics these days is to chill the speech of opponents with the scurrilous charge of racism. Many rank and file libtards do this reflexively without thinking… they’re useful idiots. But many leftists are playing  a profoundly devious and dishonest game.

And MSNBC has just been caught in the act.

Ace has his flaming skull up, so incensed is he:

Oh, My: MSNBC Carefully Crops Shot of Black Man Carrying AR-15 at Healt Care Rally to Avoid Skin Color, So They Can Then Rant and Rave About “White People” Showing Up With Guns When a “Person of Color” is President

Some news editor at MSNBC took the time to crop this video so you couldn’t see the race of the man carrying the gun because that would sort of interfere with the narrative they wanted to promote:

Ace had some choice words for Contessa Whatshername…XXX content warning in case you go over there.

Here’s the straightforward local news coverage:

We can’t just say, “Hey, maybe it’s a bad idea to carry a gun near where the President is going to be speaking because it can be taken the wrong way, and even if you have the right to do it, it makes you look like a contentious douchebag”. No. It has to have {{{{{racial  overtones}}}}}….even when the guy doing it is black himself.

This is how the left says, “Shut up”.

They don’t like people protesting ObamaCare because the large numbers of dissenters are making an impression? They try to paint us all as  racists, still angry that a black man is President. Shut up.

They don’t like it when we call Obama a Socialist -(a little too close to the truth?) Suddenly, it’s racist to say that. Shut up.

If you think ACORN is a corrupt, criminal organization? (Because it is, and more people need to know about it)…RACIST!!!! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

So much for the post-racial Presidency.

30 thoughts on “Congenital Liars At MSNBC Edit Videotape To Push Bogus Racially-tinged Story

  1. Before the election I predicted that if Obama won 3 things would happen.

    1) He would bankrupt the country

    2) He would try to institute socialistic/fascist policies

    3) He would cause race relations to sink to levels not seen in decades

    I have to admit, I didn’t think he’d manage to do it all in 6 months.


  2. Oh, I knew he was no “post-racial” anything before he was elected, too, based on his actions during the campaign.

    Before the election, because I had looked into his background, and associations, I was very afraid of what sort of President he would be, and so far he is proving to be just as bad as I thought he would be, which is pretty damn bad.


  3. Ok, time for new predictions.

    We are going to see a double dip recession. The second half is going to be even more brutal than the first and unemployment is going higher.

    Donks, who have been curiously quiet about “grim milestones” in Afghanistan, are going to sour hugely on Obama’s war. His only support will come from conservatives ironically enough.

    He will be a one term president and we will swing to a solid conservative in ’12 after the donks take a beating in the mid-terms.

    Ok, I predicted that first one before the election too. This is Carter II, the only thing missing at this point is the bad sweaters.


  4. I’m more pessimistic. I fear that with the Dems in control, and an Obama thugocracy leading the way, we may not see honest elections in 2010 and 2012.

    Please disabuse me of this notion.


  5. The reflexive “RACIST!” response is exwctly that: reflexive. The Left has, by dint of its regular recourse to that tactic and a few others , burned out its strategic / tactical thinking centers. It’s become incapable of marshaling any political sally that it hasn’t used repeatedly for at least forty years.

    Why else, after all, would left-liberals keep harping on Selma?


  6. Good grief, what a load of silly-ass nonsense. You mugs use exactly the same ‘Alinskey’ type tactics you’re complaining about. The real issue here is that some paranoid loonies think that it is ok to intimidate everyone else (despite their political leanings) in a crowd by packing heavy weaponry. I’m bloody glad I don’t live in your part of the world. No wonder you’re crazy.


  7. I also predicted that obama would make bush look like a boyscout. I was never a fan of bush…cursed for 8 years…so this is very traumatic with obummer. Somehow I could never drink kool aid…so it was extememly hard to get under his spell. I consider myself one of the lucky people..even if I am a terrorist, racist, evil monger.


  8. The real issue here is that some paranoid loonies…[typical Malky blither]

    If that’s the way MSNBC had covered it, then this post would undoubtedly be quite different. Most conservative sites (see Hot Air and Confederate Yankee, for example) have decried this legal but inflammatory approach to asserting 2nd Amendment rights. Too many things can go wrong in those sorts of scenarios, despite the elaborate precautions they took.

    So the point is NOT intimidation, but that the MSM deliberately edited the footage to justify their baseless accusations of racism.

    You mugs use exactly the same ‘Alinskey’ type tactics you’re complaining about.

    Not really. In fact we’re complete amateurs compared to the Left.


  9. >>I’m bloody glad I don’t live in your part of the world. No wonder you’re crazy.

    And yet, you feel the need to chime in on everything that happens here. Now that’s crazy.

    I’m sure you were equally outraged when Black Panthers who were also elected Democrat officials were convicted of voter intimidation for carrying weapons and verbally threatening white voters during the last election only to have the Obama Justice Department throw the case out. I’m sure of this because I know you are all about honesty and you are aware that even the US Commission on Civil RIghts, not exactly a right wing organization, was outraged at Obama’s Justice Department for passing judgement on what was obviously racial lines.

    >>”If you swap out the New Black Panther Party in this case for neo-Nazi groups or the Ku Klux Klan, you likely would have had a different outcome,” he told The Washington Times in a telephone interview Monday.

    >>”A single law, a single rule should be applied across the board. We are communicating with the department in hopes of gaining a better understanding of just what happened.”

    But I do want to agree with you on one thing, Malky. I’m bloody glad you don’t live here too. We are already full up on crazy, dishonest lefties.


  10. <b?the only thing missing at this point is the bad sweaters.</b?
    Nice example NiceDeb.

    But give Obama some time. It's still August, he was still on his first trillion when it was cold.


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  12. Well, thanks for the snark…. (I said “leftard just for the record) but what do you think about the fact that MSNBC lied by omission in order to promote a false narrative in order to keep the leftards in their audience smug and confident in their erroneous notions?

    Pretty disgusting, huh?


  13. >>I am counting the number of morons who still use the word, “libtard.” You are number 2. Congrats.

    As evidenced by our Spender in Chief and the dopes now leading Congress, libtards don’t do math. This list will end when you run out of fingers and toes.


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  16. what do you mean “seek out the more extreme?” ALL of the wackos in those tea parties are extreme , they are too stupid to think, they follow marching orders from limbo, glen prick and others.


  17. to say I do not know what I am talking about only shows where you stand…STUPID and knee jerk supporter of right wing wackos


  18. Thanks for weighing in with yet another convincing argument for your side, Kenny.

    Do you have any interest at all, in making your case? Or do you just want to hurl invectives?


  19. Impressive mental response time, Kenny. It only took you a month to identify the word you apparently don’t understand.

    This should save you a couple of months of trying to look it up: “stupid” and “wacko” are invectives.

    I will take issue with NiceDeb’s use of the word, though. You weren’t so much ‘hurling’ invectives as letting them dribble down your shirt.


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