Robin Carnahan Campaign Offers Voters Free Concert For Voter Registration Card

Join Robin Carnahan for a “birthday Jam” for Emanuel Cleaver, featuring Peaches and Herb, Evelyn Champagne King, and the Chi-Lites – a $95 dollar value, “for only your voter registration card” paid for by the MO Democratic State Committee, thank you Robin Carnahan!


Chris Stigall reported this on his radio show, this morning:

Either she’s desperate, or she’s got a lot of extra money to spend in the closing days of her campaign. Robin Carnahan is “throwing a birthday party” for Emmanuel Cleaver this Saturday featuring Peaches and Herb, etc.
All it costs you is your voter registration! NOT MAKING THIS UP….(yes, this is a real ad airing on …KC radio.)

There’s a reason  they’re taking these desperate, flop sweating measures…

Jacob Turk, who’s run a quiet, grass roots campaign, without any Republican Party, or PAC support, is now, according to the latest polling, in a dead heat with Cleaver.


FYI, in case you hit the links, and were wondering where the content went…the posts from Chris Stigall’s KCMO blog, and Facebook page were taken down because of “legal issues”  but by tomorrow, he plans to resume mocking the ad.

Linked by Doug Ross’ Larwyn’s Links, thanks!


15 thoughts on “Robin Carnahan Campaign Offers Voters Free Concert For Voter Registration Card

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  2. It’s not illegal at all. Both parties host voter registration drives. There are no rules as to what a drive is. When I registered as a democrat it was at a local drive hosted by our Republican party. The Dems offered one a week before my 18th and the Republicans did a week after. When I went I asked if I could register Democrat and they were fine with it. It is merely a drive, who you pick is still up to you.


  3. These people are already registered to vote. And trust me, few if any Republicans are interested in going to Cleaver’s birthday bash. Democrats are being told that if they bring their voter registration cards to this star-studded concert, worth $95, they get in free. Carnahan and Cleaver are basically trying to buy their votes.


  4. But if few Republicans are going, that means most will be democrats who will probably be voting straight party anyway. If they are already registered and aren’t republicans, then there seems to be no real foul here. Peaches and Herb though…I dunno maybe if it was Tony Orlando and Dawn we could talk…


  5. But if few Republicans are going, that means most will be democrats who will probably be voting straight party anyway.

    Who said they were going to make it to the polls?

    After being “bought off”, they will be more inclined to.

    Not illegal – just the sort of desperate, sleazy measures you expect from Democrats.


  6. Eh, I understand where you are coming from but lets face it, it’s politics. I am sure every party of some kind has tried something similar in the past. Least it isn’t as bad as the 1860s where you take a guy to the polls, then take him to a barber and then back to the polls.


  7. Almost worth showing up just to get some value of their money for myself. 😉

    Deb, have you found anything yet on the source of the “tied” race with Turk and Cleaver? Would love to be able to link to something more solid that “I heard it on the radio.”


  8. I heard it from Turk, himself. If you hit the link, above, you can hear him say so in the first video from the Red Meat tour.

    His campaign told me the polls are private, so they can’t be published.


  9. And the ad said you get a ticket ‘FOR your voter registration card’. Like, just drop off your card & we’ll do the voting for you…?
    Not to mention, Robin Carnahan IS the SEC’Y of STATE.


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