Chris Stigall’s Red Meat Tour (UPDATED)

I’m heading out to KCMO talker, Chris Stigall’s Red Meat Tour, tonight, which is featuring all of the KC area’s top Republican candidates, including, Jacob Turk, Vicky Hartzler, Kevin Yoder , and I believe Kris Kobach.

I’ll have an after action report, with pix, tomorrow afternoon.


When I arrived at the Uptown I had flashbacks of the SRLC, in New Orleans, last April, where anarchists gathered outside the Marriott to protest the Republicans. These guys weren’t anarchists, though…probably union … possibly paid for. I should have asked. Their Hey-hey, ho-ho Roy Blunt has got to go chant was beyond lame.

Jacob Turk started off the night, giving a solid speech. I didn’t videotape all of the speeches, but managed to catch some of  Turk’s, Vicky Hartzler’s,  Roy Blunt’s, and Sam Graves’ speeches…The laugh of the night was Sam Graves’ sheepish admission that his October surprise was that the Kansas City Star had endorsed him. And I didn’t get that on tape, because I thought my camera was recording, but it was on standby, dangit.

The big news of the night came  from Turk, who mentioned two private polls from the past few days that show him “either slightly ahead, or a little behind…”

I got to meet Stigall after the speeches, and he graciously posed for a picture with me:

I had Chris Kobach Sign his “Stop Voter Fraud poster for me.

The woman on the right is a recent convert to the Republican party.


6 thoughts on “Chris Stigall’s Red Meat Tour (UPDATED)

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