Video: Obama Tells Latino Voters To “Punish Your Enemies” At The Ballot Box

By “enemies”,  Obama means you and me…and the majority of Americans who oppose illegal immigration.

Laura Ingraham started off her show, this morning talking about this clip of Obama speaking to Latino voters, yesterday:

We are the “enemy” of Latinos? Are you kidding me?

This President has been pitting Americans against each other in ways we’ve never seen before, since the day he took office. He campaigned as a uniter, but has been nothing but divisive.  And this sort of divisive talk in front of certain audiences ends up hurting him in the end, too, because every time Obama allows his mask to slip, a few more Americans see Obama for what he is, a radical community organizer/agitator not above using Alinsky tactics to retain power.


Gateway Pundit: Thug in Chief to Latino Supporters: “Punish Your Enemies” for a great round-up of the divisive language used by this President to date.


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21 thoughts on “Video: Obama Tells Latino Voters To “Punish Your Enemies” At The Ballot Box

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  2. Is it just me or is Obama intentionally evoking racial imagery with his “sit in the back” of the bus rhetoric???
    The self-proclaimed “post-racial” president is now the MOST racial president — and certainly the most divisive! Americans now know Obama will say or do almost anything for a vote — including ratcheting up his rhetoric and politics of Hate. Despicable!
    Next thing you know, Obama will incite his Democrat comrades to “punish our enemies” — oh wait, Obama did that just yesterday! Seriously!!! And Obama wasn’t talking Al-Qaeda or the Taliban — Obama was telling his base to “punish” fellow Americans on the other side of the aisle! Like I said: Obama is despicable SQUARED!


  3. Obama has no clue what’s “important” to Latinos. Like all Americans’ common family oriented priorities– it’s the ECONOMY stupid! J-O-B-S! Education–bread and butter family issues. His pandering and insisting that Latinos need the Democrats to make it in our great nation is disgustingly insulting. To the contrary, Democrats hold people down and perpetuate a dependent entitlement menatlity when Hispanics are harding working and enterprising people who often aspire to be business owners.


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